Reviews for Delis Cafe, 1415 and more

Here's a roundup of restaurant reviews that caught our eye in Lagos this week: Delis Cafe, 1415, Delta Pot, and Minibee’s Bakery

Here’s a roundup of restaurant reviews that caught our eye in Lagos this week: 

Foodie in Lagos goes after steak again in Delis Cafe with a more positive experience: “First timer and already loving this place. I see what Y meant now when she felt we could have just come here for steak instead. I know I am going to be a regular here and try out everything on the Menu which is not exhaustive by the way. I like when restaurants/establishments focus on their best meals and have a limited menu than have every single thing in there and have 50:50 chances at making an awesome dish.”

Tuke Morgan not feeling the Neapolitan Pasta at 1415: “1415 isn’t somewhere I go to often and everyone on the table complained about not getting value for money in terms of the size and taste of their food. The ambience was good though, it meets the standards of a fine dining restaurant.”

Kome of ReviewNaija enjoys Delta Pot in Lekki despite the service delay: “We were seated promptly and drinks came out very quickly. However, we were told the food would be out in 25mins but it took an hour. I’d have preferred if we were told it’d take an hour from the beginning. The food was delicious shaaaaaaa.” She adds “Overall I love Delta Pot! Food is reasonably priced and delicious. Service could have been a bit faster though, but I didn’t mind as much since there were no mosquitoes or flies. I also really like that their menu is simple and not at all confusing.”

Olamide of LivinginLekki can’t get enough of Minibee’s Bakery with two trips in 48hrs: “I loved the ambiance at the bakery very different with a lot of space. I think they can do a lot more with the space they have. Also the bakery is kids friendly because they have an area for kids to play with toys and the carpet grass area outside as well.” She adds “The next day I went back to try their famous freshly baked pizza, they had a deal on the pizza any size for N2,500. Even though I couldn’t eat it alone I was eager to try it, the pizza was really nice and fresh for a change.”

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