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11 Brilliant Food Delivery Apps to try in Lagos

There are many options in Lagos when looking for a service which provide restaurant delivery. Having said that, Lagos’ network of food delivery services keeps evolving and pace of change in service providers is rapid with many companies either pivoting or simply shutting down.

The other unknown with all these services is delivery time given the Lagos traffic. As a general rule, the closer the restaurant is to your current location, the higher the chance of getting your food delivery on time. Restaurants that have a network of branches (e.g. Domino’s Pizza) probably sport a slight advantage here.

Also a quick word on making payments – these services generally operate payment on delivery (unless a payment system like paystack is setup *). Be wary when a restaurant asks for bank transfer before a delivery especially over the phone. My friend, be street smart!

Here are 11 apps (web and mobile) for Food Delivery in Lagos:

Jumia Foods

Jumia Foods (formerly called Hello Foods) is the most convenient online food ordering website in Lagos, connecting people with the best restaurants around them. The platform has over 120 restaurants in Lagos to order from and is definitely the most comprehensive of all the online food delivery platforms in Nigeria. Jumia also has a mobile app which allows users to look over the menu of the restaurants and place an order for home delivery. Payment is by cash on delivery and the service is available from 10am–10pm daily.

Area Chops

Many have tried to challenge Jumia Foods’ dominance in food delivery in Nigeria but only a few have lived to tell the tale. Area Chops seems to be making all the right moves and certainly getting restaurants on board the platform which is a great start. Area Chops claim to have over 50 restaurants to order from in Lagos. Currently charge a delivery fee of N700 for deliveries to locations in Lagos Island, Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki, and Ajah.

Chicken Republic

Chicken Republic is a world-class modern African brand which started in 2004 and has grown significantly with over 65 locations in Nigeria and Ghana. The restaurant menu is mainly centred on soulful, African spiced chicken, burger and sandwiches. The delivery service is provided by ACE and available Monday to Friday 8.30am–6pm and Saturday 12pm–7pm.

Domino’s Pizza

Nigerians love pizza especially Domino’s Pizza it seems. The restaurant chain has expanded rapidly since 2012 and now has over 25 locations across Lagos, Ibadan and Abuja. Whilst still you can’t order using the pizza emoji in Nigeria, there is a standard online order setup at dominospizza.com.ng. They can also accept orders via telephone via stores (full list here) which seems more reliable as the online ordering service is often down (like right now).


Whilst Ofadaa does not offer the ability to order online, the platform allows you discover great places to eat in Lagos. There are currently over 900 restaurants listed on Ofadaa across Lagos. Whether you’re looking for a casual brunch, a romantic dinner, or a taste of home from a ‘mama-put’, Ofadaa will aid you in your culinary quest by providing up-to-date comprehensive dining information, average costs, reviews and ratings.

So Fresh

So Fresh is a premium restaurant platform promotes a healthy lifestyle in Lagos. The team at So Fresh, believes food should be fresh, clean and close to nature as possible. As a result, the menu focuses on fresh, tasty, yum, organic, nutritious and healthy food choices. The delivery service is available Monday to Saturday 8am–530pm and Sunday from 1pm–5pm.

Smoothie Express

Like So Fresh, Smoothie Express is another lifestyle brand centred on delivering our healthy meals to their door steps. The menu includes smoothies, salads, sandwiches, parfaits and ice teas. The delivery service is available Monday to Friday 8am–730pm and Saturday from 9am–4pm.

Hans & Rene

The Connoiseurs of the Sweet Life in Lagos, Hans & Rene released an app for both iPhone and android users earlier this year. The app allows you order from a selection of products from Hans & Rene including their famous heavenly gelato and sorbetto. The service currently only delivers to Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Marina from 12-6pm Monday to Friday.


Kilimanjaro is one leading restaurant brands with over 25 locations across Nigeria. The menu at Kilimanjaro consists of select popular Nigerian offerings as well as sandwiches, pastries, meats/fish, wraps and ice cream. The online service provides the ability for consumers to pay online ahead of delivery. The delivery service is available Monday to Sunday 8am–730pm.


Bukkahut is a fast food restaurant with 4 outlets across in Lagos. The restaurant serves Nigerian meals, Bukka style, in a comfortable and hygienic environment. The delivery service is available Monday to Saturday 8am–8pm and Sunday from 9am–7pm.

Glover Court Suya

The famous Glover Court Suya offers home deliveries in Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki. It is typically delivered in 45 minutes or less. The service is available Tuesday to Thursday, Weekend 3pm to 9:45pm and Friday 1pm to 9:45pm.


Not to be confused with BukkaHut, Bukka provides an exclusive personal chef service to companies and individuals which make it different to the rest of the companies on this list. The service connects consumers to all professional chefs in their neighbourhood. The packages provided by Bukka requires a subscription.

* Haha Paystack didn’t sponsor this post

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