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No sushi in abuja (credit: nicholas baum)
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The Essential Guide to Sushi in Abuja

There are no sushi restaurants in Abuja. No sushi in Abuja! Seriously, we are not kidding. There is simply not enough demand. However if you are a die-hard sushi connoisseur and need it badly, then see below our essential guide to finding sushi in Abuja.

1. Book in advance for a special occasion

This is your best chance. We are talking about occasions where you might be inclined to impress loved ones, friends and family e.g. Birthday, Anniversary Celebration, First Kiss’ Day, Valentine’s Day etc. Two restaurants come to mind: Blucabana in Mabushi and VII Bistro in Wuse 2.   Maybe if you ask them to find sushi for you in advance (give them 5 months), and promise to bring 50 people with you, they might make it happen. So we suggest you call the restaurant ahead of time to confirm if sushi will be available on the specific day you plan to dine with them.

2. Visit a restaurant that used to serve sushi

The two restaurants that you’ll always hear have sushi in Abuja are Uptown and Oriental in Transcorp Hilton. At some point, they did have sushi on the menu. However, they quietly removed it due to relatively low demand. Nevertheless, Uptown is a nice cozy Asian spot and Oriental is known for its amazing buffet with a Mongolian twist.

3. Head down south to Lagos

Lagos has confirmed its status as the sushi capital of Nigeria with at least 10 dedicated restaurants catering to art of eating raw fish.  A whole TEN! But hey, who’s counting? Anyway, most of the sushi spots are located in hotels. So grab your private jet / airplane ticket, spend the night and quench your appetite. Èkó ò ní bàjé oooo!

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4. Give Up! Swallow to the recue

Sushi is nice and all…however nothing beats the “good old” hot amala with ewedu and obe eja tutu (fresh fish stew). We recommend trying Amala Place, Iya Oyo Amala or 4Every Refreshment to get you started.

Thank me later! And if you have managed to find a regular sushi place in Abuja, let us know!

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