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Credit: CNN Parts Unknown

Eat & Drink in Lagos like CNN’s Anthony Bourdain

In CNN’s latest episode of Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain finally visits Lagos and notes he has “Never seen anything like it”. In put in context, Bourdain has made over early 300 episodes of travel television over the past 15 years. He describes Lagos as “an incredibly inspiring place, with perhaps the hardest-working, most enterprising, most optimistic population” and notes that the food and music scene “are a reflection of that vitality and strength”.

Here are 5 places Bourdain visited whilst shooting Parts Unknown in Lagos:

1. Rue 80 at Maison Fahrenheit Hotel

80 Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Bourdain visited Rue 80 for drink date with Shina Peller, owner of Club Quilox, and Banky Wellington, actor/artist and chef-in-training to discuss the night life and music scene in Lagos

2. Iya Eba

10 Berkeley Street, Lagos Island, Lagos

Bourdain was definitely adventurous and visited a number of bukas in Lagos including Iya Eba on Lagos Island. He ordered Pepper soup and commented that “It burns, it burns real good”. Bourdain was joined by Kadaria Ahmed, a leading journalist and TV host based in Lagos.

3. Stella Kitchen

Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos

Stella Kitchen was was another Buka trip for Bourdain where he had Pounded yam with egusi soup (stew of goat meat, melon seeds, fish stock, and chilis). He described pounded yam as “the ubiquitous starch of Nigerian cuisine”. He was accompanied by Tunji Andrews, journalist, radio host and expert on the Nigerian economy.

4. Yakoyo Restaurant

Olabode House, 217 Ikorodu Road, Ilupeju, Lagos

This was the third Buka trip for Bourdain in Lagos – very impressive. At Yakoyo Restaurant, he had literally everything from Amala with Ewedu (Yoruba soup: crayfish, chilis, locust beans) to jollof rice, goat meat, and of course local beers. For the trip to Yakoyo, Bourdain was Three lovely food bloggers – Atim Ukoh (Afrolems), Iquo Ukoh (1qfoodplatter) and friend Ozoz Sokoh (Kitchen Butterfly).

5. New Afrika Shrine

1 NERDC Road, Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos

Bourdain’s final stop was at New Afrika Shrine where he had a lunch date with Femi Kuti and Seun Kuti, both musicians, and Yeni Kuti, the owner of New Afrika Shrine—all are children of Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti.

Parts Unknown: Lagos airs this Sunday, October 15, at 9 pm ET on CNN.