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11 Delicious Places for Dessert in Abuja

Abuja is so amazing when it comes to desserts – there is no shortage of delicious restaurants and cafes to get your sweet tooth game on.

The word dessert originates from “desservir” in French which means “cleaning the table”. I know right. That makes no sense. More interestingly, it used to be tradition that individual desserts were named after famous celebrities. Maybe a marketing strategy to popularise them but thank goodness that trend died quickly. Not many Abuja dessert restaurants have embraced this yet.

This Ofadaa Guide covers the complete gamut of desserts including baked goods (e.g. cupcakes and doughnuts), frozen yoghurt (froyo), ice cream (also gelato) and American-style milkshakes. Most of these dessert spots are also great for a quiet romantic date or just some bonding time with your young ones. We have something for everybody.

Here are 11 Delicious Places for Dessert in Abuja:

The Donut Factory

17 I.T Igbani Street, Jabi

This is not a dessert restaurant per se. It is more of an amazing donuts delivery service. All the donuts are hand-crafted and made from scratch daily using real ingredients and no preservatives. The caramel bliss and strawberry heaven donuts are very popular, but the other regular options are great too. Also check out the filled donut specials including wafers sticks and the custard filled with sugar sprinkle donuts. If you place your order online by 4pm, delivery is same day.

Chloe’s Cupcakes

Center Point Plaza, 35 Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2

No dessert guide about Abuja is complete without mentioning Chloe’s Cupcakes. Recently, Chloe’s Cupcakes moved into its new space at Center Point Plaza in Wuse 2 after its previous flagship branch was (illegally) demolished by the government. That setback has not stopped this Abuja Institution. With a 2 additional locations in Gwarinpa and Apo Gudu, Chloe’s Cupcakes have expanded beyond its delicious cupcakes to include house-made ice cream, glazed doughnuts, cookies, crepes and waffles. If in doubt, just grab the red velvet cupcake and be on your way!


Food City, 5 Bangui street, Wuse 2 // 130, 3rd Avenue, Gwarinpa

Frozen yoghurt or Froyo at Yogurberry is the ultimate sweet tooth fix and is deemed to be healthier (OK maybe not depending on what you get). Yogurberry has different flavours and topping selection is equally abundant.

Tutti Frutti

Fashion Mall, 112 Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2

Tutti Frutti is another international frozen yoghurt franchise just like Yogurberry. The key difference versus the latter is whole self-serve experience. Guests pour the froyo at dispensing machine and apply toppings themselves, and then the mix is weighed and paid for at the register. Just be careful not to blow up your wallet (it happens!).

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Cupcake Cutie / Coco Ribbon

20 Thaba Tseka Street, Wuse 2

Cupcake Cutie was the first Cupcake brand in Abuja and same dream team recently started the Coco Ribbon Brand which is focused on “high end” donuts. The donuts come in pink boxes and are a little more expensive but definitely worth it for a special treat. Expect to pay around N4000 for a box of 6 donuts and N1,000 for delivery.

Sugar Plum

7 Atakpame Street, Wuse 2

Sugar Plum is a tiny lime and pink spot tucked away in Food City, Wuse 2 focused on ice cream, milkshakes and smoothies. Sugar Plum is also famous for its waffle with various topping options including white chocolate, smarties, sprinkles, marshmallows, and skittles toppings.

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Waffle Stop Cafe / Dune Express Cafe

Dunes Centre, Aguiyi Ironsi Way, Maitama

Dunes is a one-stop shop for everything you could possibly want in Abuja. That also includes your favourite treats ranging from baked goods to variety of Blue Bunny ice creams especially with the recent addition of Waffle Stop. This is probably the safest place to bring your parents for dessert.

4U Ice Cream (Amigo)

1023 Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja

For some reason, everyone still uses Amigo despite the name change to 4U Supermarket. The ice cream joint at 4U which stands at the entrance of the supermarket is an old favourite for the locals, and deservedly so, with flavours to die for and reasonable prices.

Cold Stone Creamery

204, Bunkoro District, 3rd Avenue, Gwarinpa // 52 Kumasi Crescent, Wuse 2

Cold Stone Creamery is typically co-located with Domino’s Pizza and currently operates 2 locations in Abuja (Wuse 2 & Gwarinpa). The ice cream served at Cold Stone Abuja is made to order on a cold marble surface mixed in with toppings like candies, brownies, fresh fruit, sprinkles and cookies. Also ice cream cakes are just so amazing.

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The Quarter Cafe

6 Tapeta Street, British Village, Wuse 2

The food at Quarter cafe is the kind of stuff you’d expect from a French neighbourhood bistro in Paris. As a result, it comes as no surprise that desserts are a real priority here. If in doubt, just ask for the red velvet waffles or the cinnamon Danish pancakes.

The Hatlab Place

Hatlab Place, 1952 Sokode Crescent, Zone 5, Wuse 1

Since starting in 2003, Hatlab now has a handful of locations around Abuja. Hatlab typically has over 100 different flavours of gelato and prices are generally reasonable. The flagship state-of-the-art parlour in Wuse Zone 5 is the ideal destination of ice cream lovers. The chocolate chip flavour is an old favourite.