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Where to get the Best Jamaican Food in Lagos

The Jamaicans have finally arrived in Lagos. From Jerk Chicken to Curry Goat, here are some restaurants to get Jamaican food in Lagos

The Jamaicans have finally arrived in Lagos. Bless them! Did you know that the richness of the flavor found in Jamaican food is due to the remarkable fusion of Indian, Spanish and West African (especially Ghanaian) cuisines, perfected over a couple of centuries?

Get ready for the real stuff in Lagos from Beef Patties, Jerk Chicken, Curry Oxtail / Goat to Rum infused cakes and cocktails. Let the DJ play some quality ragga/reggae (think Sean Paul vs. Bob Marley) in the background and we definitely have the island vibe going on.

Here are four amazing restaurants to get the Best Jamaican food in Lagos:

Mango Room

Mango Room was the first restaurant to open in Lagos dedicated to serving Caribbean / Jamaican food. It is co-located with Bubble Tii, the space is relatively small but well-utilized. Mango Room serves the best oxtail in Lagos. If you want Jamaican Food in Lagos, Mango Room should be your first stop. (read the reviews by Eatdrinklagos, LivinginLekki, Twentyblackfingers and FoodieinLagos)



Jamski started out as a catering company and the logical next step was to open a restaurant in Victoria Island. When you walk into the restaurant and hear the Jamaican accent everywhere from the wait staff to the chef, hopefully that gives some comfort that you’re in the right place. In that sense, Jamski is as authentic as you are going to get in Lagos. The space is largely outdoor seating with a huge painting of Bob Marley on the wall in the background, very apt. (read the review by Eatdrinklagos)

Jamo Afrique


When you are a socialite in Lagos and want to discover yourself, what do you do? Open a Afro-Caribbean restaurant – that’s what Fifi Dilly did. Jamo Afrique is a more upscale version of Mango Room and Jamski, and serves also Intercontinental food in addition to its Afro-Caribbean offering. They have a quick service restaurant on the lower floor and fully fledged restaurant / lounge on the first floor for a fuller dinning experience. (read the reviews by Eatdrinklagos, LivinginLekki and Genevieve)

Kingston Kitchen

Finally a more innovative restaurant name that does not include the letter J. Kingston Kitchen is a new Jamaican food truck stationed at kayzplace on Admiralty Way in Lekki.

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