10 Funny Videos That Will Only Make Sense To Nigerian Foodies

We all know Nigerians are awesome foodies. This post showcases how various groups within Nigeria eat certain foods. Welcome to the How Nigerians Eat Series

1. How Nigerian Guys Eat Swallow?

Oh dear!

2. How Nigerian Girls Eat Poundo Yam?

We are all about Equal Opportunity. And Yes there is Poundo and there is Pounded Yam (real yam)

3. The Cutleries Chronciles

My fellow foodies, the struggle is real!

4. How Nigerian Girls Eat Bread & Tea?

The Bread and Tea combo since the beginning of time!

5. How Nigerian Girls Eat Ice Cream?

Our girls can’t wait for Dessert time!

6. How Nigerian Girls Eat Pizza?

We just love Pizza in Nigeria sha

7. When you take an Ibadan Boy out to Eat Pizza

My Ibadan people: Pizza > Bread and Egg…!

8. How Nigerian Girls Eat Shawarma?

Nigerians love Shawarma!

9. How Nigerian Girls leave a party with Jollof Rice?

The love for Jollof Rice is serious.

10. How Nigerians finish their food?

Rich vs. Poor finishing!

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